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I <3 Insane Clown Posse!

So, back ta business, my business that is which is none of your business, except it is cause I'm posting up! Ahh, the modern world is so damn confusing. Not really, I'm just confused. Are you confused yet with my redundent run-on sentences?

For real though, alternating between grumpy and snappy and wildly energetic and optimistic.
Ah, bipolar--not that drastic, YET.

Well, there are several factors contributing to the above mood swings...the .com I worked for just went outta business--which I saw coming from
100 miles away. What happens when two disgruntled
ex-lawyers with rich daddies decide to
deal in e-commerce for an industry they know nothing about. And not just any industry..foodservice. Well, they fail
relativly rapidly and then back to the law firm!

So I got a steady paycheck for the first time in my life and can honestly say I was a managing editor right out of college. And I don't have to
pay hundreds of thousands of dollars back to
angry family and friends. And I was going
to quit soon anyhow cause I was totally burned out
even though I got to work at home in my undies!

Soo, not a bad time for me at all. The day
they gave me the bad news, I had a hot yuppichino
with my snugggle-buddy, went to see an
indcrediable art exhibit on its last day---
Romaine Brookes!---then took an extended cat nap.

Then I woke up from my cozified slumber, streched my saggy limbs, and thought...WHAT THE FUCK AM I GONNA DO NOW!!

Money...blah, blah...job..blah,, bills, savings..blah, blah.....Art?
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