lolalita (lolalita) wrote,

Can't Stay Away...

Wow, that last entry did not take up as much room as I though. We must improve our ramble length!

So, where was I? Oh yes, it is raining. I'm in a basement. I'm at work. I have things I need to do.
I will do them soon.

You know, I'm hoping this journal won't be tooo boring because my life is not that exciting, really. I don't have a stable of friends to
refer back to, I don't sleep around a lot.
Had the same "special-person" for 4 1/2 years.
I get along with my parents. I like my housemates. I just finished school, didn't flunk out. I'm not on medication
unless you count coffee and the occasional candy binge.

Seems like the whole world is on prozac, or
ritalin, or heroin, or viagra. So what the fuck is wrong with me?

Perhaps I'll make things up...create another persona. One with an exciting sex life, a revolving cast of characters and a full schedule.
Is that against on-line ettiquitte? Oh, think I've found my problem....I can't spell!

O.k., so life has been pretty steady....but I'm not necessarily satisfied. As always, just when things
are going smoothly, we have to fuck them up..create problems so we can solve them again. I think that's what I'm about to do....but you'll have to wait for specifics tomorrow.....
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