lolalita (lolalita) wrote,

Don't touch my toast with yer dick....

Sorry, the order is all messed up. Below is the latest entry..really.

Yeah, that's right! Good morning, or shall I say good afternoon? Like I'm actually speaking to a captive audience, well humor me will ya!

So my housemate tried to put his thang on my toast...actually I'm not being truthful. I tried to put my toast on his wang because he kept threatning to "git" some toast. So I gave him
some fuckin' toast. Is this as incoherent as I think it is? Good. None of your beeswax anyways!

Back to the real world (no cameras and small-town revelations please)...recovering from a mild clubbing hangover
..I don't drink much so it is purely secondhand smoke/staying up late induced. Saw Jets to Brazil, and Cave-in at this place called the Black Cat.

Realizing that without music I would probably not even have the puny social life I have now. Music, music, music, all about the music man.

More riviting insights later...I need time to compose my jittery thoughts. You'll wait up for me, I know you will....
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