lolalita (lolalita) wrote,

"W" Bush or Eminem?

Tonight I am a post junkie! I just have so much on my mind and so much to say--worthwhile or not.

Contrary to that last alarmist post, I am not
jobless...actually I started two timing
the loser .com cause I could smell it rotting away. So I took up part time editing gig at
a .com down the street that actually has an office building with people, cubicles, and copy machines and shit. Oh, and paychecks..those are nice too!

Like I said, the modern world!
The best part is not that I have another job for now--it is prob. a temp situation, big surprise--
but the fact that I only have to work
about 4 or 5 hours a day leaving me to do things
I really want. You know, watch TV, eat corn chips,
QVC shopping, field trips to the outlet malls.

Had ya fooled? Nah, I mean cool arty things
like smoking outside clubs--not actually going in to see the passe band. Shopping for the
purrrfect pair of tite denim trousers, and
field trips to the specialty shoppes to buy
said trousers.

Wrong again! Down Ms. Sarcasm, down!
O.k., fo real! I can practice with my band that actually has a show coming up. I can
do my little drawings and daydream about
the art I want to make someday--when I emerge from
the shit cave I currently reside in.

I can widdle my writing time away pandering to
to fellow nosey noses and exhibitionist--YOU ALL!
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