lolalita (lolalita) wrote,

Please do read this....

Woah, as not to get too deep or sorry-sappy
a la my last post ("deep" is being used very
liberally!) I'll reveal a few more lolalita
factoids that are much more fun. Warning:
In some of these factoids it may appear that
I am bragging because I AM bragging! You would to
if it happened to you--don't lie! Oh, and
after this we will return to our regularly scheduled (i.e. day-to-day-shit) posts.

---I grew up in a 250 year old house
where it is rumoured George Washington stayed
as well as Dwight Eisenhower. Hence my
fascination with archeology as a child.
Never did find those false teeth. I did, however,
find our septic tank, yummy!

---I own a pair of heirloom underware. Yes,
that's right, my great grandmother's panties!
No, I don't wear them because the ass is streached out to all eternity. But, they
are very smooth silk and I only wish I could find a new duplicate pair today. My grandma gives away stuff, and I can't resist free stuff. Plus I can be a dorky ass, (exhibit A-this journal) and
brag (?) about owning heirloon undies!

--My father runs an music store (now mostly
parts and vintage hifi). AND....drumroll...
it is named after me. No, not lolalita.
That's not my real name, suckas!

--I've met Iron Maiden, ZZ Top and The Hooters.
(#1 SupaBrag, #2 Brag, #3 ahh, well it was fun in the 80's!)

--I can't drive cars worth a shit--I've totaled
one, and been in about 6 accidents since
age 18. I'll stick to skateboards--but
stay the fuck outta my way!!

--I collect the following things:
sea shells, handbags, State-oriented glassware,
comic books, clip art, press on lettering, ridiculous crushes--I don't count records as a "collection" </elitest>

So there you have it, another installment of
I'm so wonderful! Believe me, knowing my moods I'll alternate with ample helpings of "I'm so

Alrighty, I'm listening to Faust and going nutso,
till later my adoring fans (always need an audience, yet hides from people in "real life"!)
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