lolalita (lolalita) wrote,

List # 1 in a series.......

All of a sudden I feel really exposed...
but there are so many journals on here I hope to be lost in the shuffle....anyhooo:


Woke up at 10am

Pumpkin pie and MTV for breakfast
(quick note, i don't have cable at my apt.
so I'm watching my parent's house this weekend
stocked with food, beverage and cable TV)

watched TV for about 5 hours! Yes, I am ashamed!

then listened to music and watched TV for anoter
hour--a truly multi-media experience! Look above..
I can't even smell anymore...I mean spell!!

listened to Fugazi and Woodie Guthrie and
The Who and Cole Porter and Freddie King if you must know.

ate more pie and coffee and topped it with
choco cake. Tis the season for gluttoney!

played geetar for a while and then got on the demon box.

tonite I will return to the shit cave and
then go out to see this metal band
black manta.

perhaps try to go with people, but will probably go alone. (horrible at making plans!)

this day has been a waste of space really, but it has been nice being alone for a change. peaceful and slothful.

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