lolalita (lolalita) wrote,

For my next act....

Nope I'm not done yet, I just like to keep my entries shortish, especially cause (now obvious to me) I'm a retard when it comes to formatting.

So where was I..oh HELL!

Yeah, so a few of you commentors

I've noticed have found moi

through the Transmetropolitan link.

Shoulda known, buncha comic book

geeks would be wasting there time

on the net with these depositories of me, ha ha.

Yeah, well, I'm not huge comic book collector--

records come first, then clothes, then zines, then

worthless nick naks, then comic books.

Hah, glad I got that cleared up.

I'm about to eat and I am soo hungry.

Even after the Doritos and hummus pita.

Hey, they don't call me the

"human garbage disposal" for nothing!

So, I'll be back laters....meaning later

this afternoon.

Things I will expound upon:

Community and Love: two of the most

abused words in the English language.

Nostalgia and death to the 70's, plus my

death to all moustaches manifesto

Speaking of manifestos and death

I've been reading SCUM by Valerie Solanas (the "I shot andy warhol" lass), What is to be Done

by Lenin (sexy commie!), 100 Years of Solitude,

and Pimp by Iceberg Slim.

..And I WONDER why I'm so confused and conflicted all of the time!

And if that's to high-brow for ya, later

I'll go off about my horrible diet consisting

of 90% Dairy and 10% Chocolate!

...and the topic voted "most likely" to attract people to you're site...drumroll...

Sexual Identity!!

Stayed tuned....
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